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Introduction of PAMI-SJTU

Introduction of PAMI-SJTU

        Shanghai Jiaotong University is a key construction unit of the National Education Commission's key universities and the national “211 Project” and “21st Century Education Revitalization Plan”. The Institute of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition is a national key discipline of “pattern recognition and intelligent systems”. The national “211 Project” and “21st Century Education Revitalization Plan” are key support disciplines of Shanghai Jiaotong University and have strong scientific research strength. Good scientific research conditions, undertaken more than 60 national 973 plan projects, national defense 973 plan projects, national 863 plan projects, natural science fund key projects, major projects in Shanghai, etc., and won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. The research team of pattern recognition and machine intelligence laboratory was supported by the National Ministry of Education's “Cross-Century Excellent Talents Training Program”, “Outstanding Young Teacher Funding Program”, “Key Teacher Program” and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission “Dawning Plan”.

Introduction of Our Lab

        Professor Yang Jie, the person in charge of the laboratory, went to the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hamburg in Germany in March 1989 as a national outstanding scholar. He is engaged in image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence under the guidance of Professor Bernd Neumann, an internationally renowned scholar in the field of artificial intelligence. And studying for a doctorate. In November 1994, he returned to China to work at the Institute of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is currently the director, professor, doctoral tutor and head of the intelligent information processing research team.

        He has hosted more than 30 national and provincial research projects in image processing, pattern recognition, data fusion, data mining, and artificial intelligence, including: medical image processing, target recognition and tracking, face recognition, and complex timing signals. Identification, Chinese medicine tongue image information processing, sensor networks, bioinformatics and other aspects.

        Long-term work in the field of image processing and pattern recognition, with computer vision, machine learning, medical image processing as the main direction to conduct research, hosted more than 10 national-level projects such as 973 subproject, 863, National Natural Science Fund project, and other provinces. More than 30 scientific research projects. The first winner won 6 provincial and ministerial awards. Published 4 monographs (1 foreign publication, 2 national science and technology academic publishing funds), more than 300 journal articles in SCI search, more than 20 articles in the A or B category recognized by the school or CCF, and SCI was cited 1182 times. The highest single was cited by him 211 times. Two papers were rated as ESI high-cited papers, and one paper was named Pattern Recognition 2006-2010 Most Cited Paper. One paper was specifically reported in the paper by the famous news website of the world's scientific and technological achievements. Four papers were named Top Cited Paper by the published SCI journals. More than 20 patents were granted (three of which were transferred). Hosted more than 10 international cooperation projects at the national and provincial levels.

        Professor Yang Jie was selected by the Ministry of Education, “Cross-Century Excellent Young Talents Training Program”, “Outstanding Young Teacher Funding Program”, “Key Teacher Program”, “Shuguang Plan” and “Dawning Excellent Scholar” and “Dawning Tracking Program”.

        Serving as a member of 7 journal editors (including 2 SCI journals and 1 EI journal), serving as a vice president of a professional society, serving as a director and director of a professional society, and serving as an IEEE Trans. journal. The guest editor of the special issue, another editor of the Springer essay. Serve as chairman or sub-conference chair of several international top conferences.

        He has published 5 monographs (one in Germany and one in Singapore), and has published more than 400 papers in important academic journals and conferences at home and abroad, including more than 200 articles by SCI and 300 articles by EI. It has supervised 4 post-doctors, more than 60 doctoral students, and more than 80 postgraduates.

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